...And a Super Moon too!

Holy crow. It's been a fun-filled, excitement-packed couple of weeks with a few more to come! The book keeps getting media love, with new reviews and coverage from Daily Hive Toronto and Rural Delivery Magazine. Then, I got invited to go on CBC's early, early morning show, Fresh Air and that was way too much fun. You can listen to me yukking it up with Errol Nazareth here. On Saturday I spent the morning at The Royal Winter Agricultural Fair with "my kids" from Georgian College who were competing in the Cook the Books part of The Taste Canada Food Writing Awards. They were up against a recipe and team representing the Neal Brothers' book, Goodness. I think Goodness may have prevailed this da

A Christmas Recipe from Me to You!

Yup, crazy I know, but it's just around the corner. Seriously. It's sooner than you think. And therefor, it's time to start planning and plotting menus and indulgences. I highly recommend this Eggnog recipe from my book: Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs: Keeping Chickens in the Kitchen Garden with 100 Recipes. The late, great, Miss Vicky and me in my Christmas coat. She ate too many of my pearl earrings but I loved her just the same. Photo: Colleen Nicholson Canadiana Eggnog Serves 8 My father was not a New Age man. He wasn’t a fan of “women’s lib,” as it was known when I was growing up. I made it through my entire childhood without ever seeing him do the groceries. His job was to drive Mother—and so

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