The Elephant in the Room

A while back I posted about my conflicted relationship with meat. And then, as the hours and days passed, I realized there was more to say. I had more confessions to make, more conflicts to wade through; namely dairy and eggs. Oh, How I Love Cheese I'm not saying I couldn't live without it, but I will say good cheese brings me much pleasure. I do love the stuff...almost any way you slice it. I love the fancy, stinky kind and if you offer me a grilled cheese composed of Wonder Bread and Kraft slices, I'll love that too, especially if it's been grilled up on a hamburger grease-slicked flattop....the odd tiny black bit of charred meat smooshed into the golden, crunchy, oily surface, a big dollo

Oh, My Divided Heart

This will be as confusing for you as it is for me. There is so very much talk around meat and sustainability and ethics and and and.... I want to put it out there all the twists and turns of where I stand on this very complex, so NOT black and white issue, so here goes. Better put the kettle on, I'm going to try to break it down... Meat is Murder OK, yes. Sure. Any time you kill something for any other reason than compassion, I suppose, it's murder. Meat eaters are guilty of causing animals to die. We can't deny it. There is No Such Thing as "Ethical Meat" Well, I guess that comes down to how you define "ethical". If you are just simply and completely opposed to killing...period...then yes,

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