Foodie by Nature, Frugal by Nurture

"Waste not, want not." I heard that constantly when I was a kid. I never understood it, mind you. I thought, if I didn't want it why couldn't I waste it? Seriously, I was an adult before I got it. But I must have soaked it up, along with: "Who left the light on in the den? The place is lit up like a jeezly Christmas tree!" and should my skinny sister not finish the entire pot of tea she greedily brewed with two - count 'em, TWO! - tea bags, then Mother would accuse her of having "...eyes bigger than her belly!", and they would fight, and sister would cry, but that's a whole other story; probably best told on the couch. I know it's hard to see in this ancient, little photo, but that's me in t

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