YOU Can Cook Anything!

Cooking has always been easy for me, I come to it naturally and I was exposed to it from a very early age. We didn't eat out often and Mother cooked every day, and sometimes Father made his specialties: blue steak with a knob of butter slathered on top; conch fritters and battered shrimp; fiddleheads and wild mushrooms foraged from the garden. Also, being more than a little food obsessed helped too. One of my earliest food experiments was a bubbling, frothing, seriously alive bowl of chocolate yeast goo. I was about six or so. I added chocolate Quik, yeast, and water to a bowl then left it on the radiator behind a chair in the living room. After a few days, its smell gave it away, and Mother

All By Myself

Professor Ferguson warned the students of Food Writing I: “It’s a lonely profession, being a freelance writer.” She wasn’t kidding. Ever been driving on the highway, doing 120 then all of a sudden, there’s your exit? You peel off and hit the street and for a second or two you forget the new speed limit, and as you fly though the neighbourhood you feel disoriented, disconnected. You slam on the anchors, and try to fit into the new 50 kph groove. But you miss the highway, and the speed. That’s what it was like to go from cooking five nights a week in a busy restaurant kitchen to writing full-time, at home...alone. One day I was pumped full of adrenaline, dancing the cook's hop and tong-tap in

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