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2020 continued

Watershed       Winter - One Smart Cookie

Toronto Star    Meet the Farmers Raising Cows, Pigs, and Chickens Toronto Chefs Covet

Toronto Star   Make this Braised Burdock Gratin and help get rid of a bothersome, invasive (but delicious) plant

Toronto Star    A primer on milks as The Milk Calendar turns 44 (plus a recipe for chocolate cake)

Toronto Star    Natural Christmas trees are grown on Ontario farms using few chemicals and you can get one downtown Toronto

Toronto Star    If you can pick up some pizza dough, we’ve got 8 ideas (that aren’t pizza) to make something delicious     

Toronto Star    Oysters at Home for a Pandemic New Year's Eve 

Toronto Star    Liven up that salad (or sauce or cocktail) with a splash of verjus. Here’s how 

Toronto Star    Why a COVID Christmas calls for comforting and luxurious Ontario cheeses   

Harrowsmith   The Winter Issue - Food: Rising to the Occasion

Toronto Star     Iceland voted this the best meat soup and we’ve adapted it with Canadian ingredients



Toronto Star   He's on the Cob: Heritage Corn from Cobourg, Ontario

Toronto Star   Livestock Guardian Dogs not a Typical Family Pet

Our Homes     Healthy Life

Watershed       From Italy with Love

Toronto Star   Toronto Father-Daughter Duo Revive an Ancient Craft

Toronto Star​   Ontario Truffle Farmers are Watching and Waiting

Watershed       Fall - Doubling Down

Toronto Star    Serving up that Other Red Meat

Toronto Star    These Farmers are Making Room to Grow 'Shrooms

Harrowsmith   Almanac 2022 - South of the Border

Toronto Star    Road Trip! Things to do on Highway Two

Toronto Star    Time to Zero in on Composting

Harrowsmith   Summer - The East Issue - Food Section - A Down East Feast

Watershed        Summer - In Vino Veritas

Toronto Star     Beekeeping is not for the Faint of Heart

Toronto Star     Pandemic Pastimes

Toronto Star    Get out of Your Shell, Turtles Need us

Toronto Star    Saffron, the Heartbreak Crop

Toronto Star    What's Craftivism?

Watershed        Spring - Green Goddess

Toronto Star     The Future of Farming is Female

Toronto Star     Little Blue Suitcase

Harrowsmith   The North Issue - Spring 2021 Food Section - Saps and Syrups

Toronto Star    Alpacas are in Ontario and they're prized for their soft fleece and sunny dispositions

Toronto Star    Did you know Ontario farms produce winter wheat? And it's vital to sustainable farming

Toronto Star    Is there such a thing as ‘immune system boosting foods’?   



Canada Takeout Coffee Cup Confidential - Part Two

Toronto Star       Butter is Back

Toronto Star       Ukrainians Celebrate First Christmas in Canada

Canada Takeout  Coffee Cup Confidential - Part One

Watershed            Getting Crafty in Campbellford

Watershed            Squirrels, Swirls, and Snowballs

Toronto Star        The Soldier, the Artists, The Collector, and the Queen.

Toronto Star        Former Military Training Base in Picton comes back to Life

Canada Takeout  Ticking all the Right [Pizza] Boxes

Watershed            Duchess of Devonshire

Watershed            Fortune Favours the Prepared

Chickens             Well Preserved

Watershed           Bottle Shock

Watershed           A Fine Balance

Toronto Star       Follow the Spice Route in Northumberland County

​Toronto Star       Indigenous Experience Ontario

Toronto Star       Feral Pigs are Invasive, Threaten Livestock, and they're Delicious

Toronto Star      The Future is Fungi

Toronto Star      Foodscaping

Watershed         Semi-Tropical

Yoga Journal     Recipe                        

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