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Of photo of Signe's piece "Let go of Mother"; in the collection of Schmidt Legal Services, Port Hope, Ontario


I create.

I paint, make pottery, and photographic greeting cards. I express what's on my mind and my love of nature.

A painting by Signe titled "Mariupol May Queen"

As they say in the gallery world, my style hasn't settled yet.


In other words, I paint in two dominant styles: one quite photographic and the other very loose and dynamic.


Both styles please me and help me to express disparate states of mind.

I make pottery.

I make things with clay, driftwood, and stones.


Each piece is one-of-a-kind and expresses my love for the natural world.

A piece of pottery made by Signe. It is irregularly shaped with impressions of branches, leaves, and red berries
A greeting card with a photo of a lady bug on a leaf

My cards are all about nature, animals, and other pretty little things.


It's pretty simple really, I like to record the beauty all around me and send it to friends.


I hope you do too!

Please visit my Etsy shop SignesKitchenShop

Please visit my Etsy shop

Some of my paintings...

Some of my pottery:

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