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A published image from a magazine of Signe's recipes

Published Work: 2016-2020


Watershed             Winter - One Smart Cookie

Toronto Star          Meet the Farmers Raising Cows, Pigs, and Chickens Toronto Chefs Covet

Toronto Star          Make this Braised Burdock Gratin and help get rid of a bothersome, invasive (but delicious) plant

Toronto Star          A primer on milks as The Milk Calendar turns 44 (plus a recipe for chocolate cake)

Toronto Star          Natural Christmas trees are grown on Ontario farms using few chemicals and you can get one downtown Toronto

Toronto Star          If you can pick up some pizza dough, we’ve got 8 ideas (that aren’t pizza) to make something delicious 

Toronto Star          Oysters at Home for a Pandemic New Year's Eve 

Toronto Star          Liven up that salad (or sauce or cocktail) with a splash of verjus. Here’s how 

Toronto Star          Why a COVID Christmas calls for comforting and luxurious Ontario cheeses   

Harrowsmith          The Winter Issue - Food: Rising to the Occasion

Toronto Star           Iceland voted this the best meat soup and we’ve adapted it with Canadian ingredients

​Watershed              A Fiery Passion

Toronto Star           It can Soothe an Appetite too

Toronto Star           Milk a Goat, Make Goat Cheese at Haute Goat

Toronto Star           It's Time to use up Everything in the Garden

Toronto Star           Start this Cooking Project Now

Toronto Star           This Rich Cake let's Funky Black Walnuts Shine

Toronto Star           This Tropical-looking Edible Fruit is Native to North America

Toronto Star           Ever Wonder if you could Leave Toronto to Pursue Foodie Passions in the Country?

Toronto Star           Use Cedar to Flavour Seafood Bake 

Toronto Star           Your Bread's Going Stale - but that can be just the Start

Toronto Star           Pickled Crabapples are a Festive addition to a Charcuterie Board

Toronto Star           Use Foraged or Purchased Persimmons for this Cornmeal Cake

Toronto Star           Toronto Gardeners Left with Bumper Crop of Green Tomatoes

Toronto Star           Do Your Tomatoes Refuse to Ripen? Make this green tomato pasta sauce

Toronto Star           Monarda: Mint's flavourful and flashy cousin

Toronto Star           Grape Vine or Boston Ivy-the Leaves are Useful and Tasty

Toronto Star           Ruby-coloured Red Currants are Perfect for Cordials

Toronto Star           Wood Sorrel 

Toronto Star           What Happens to the Backyard Hens

CBC.CA                  A Berry by Many Names

CBC.CA                  Daylilies: The hardy and edible summer bloom

Harrowsmith           Fall Farmhouse Fare

Watershed               Summer - Food & Drink Scene and Summer Reads

Marquee Magazine   Green is the New Black - Sustainable Dining

CBC.CA                  Lilacs - In candied form they're a taste of spring

CBC.CA                  Wild About Clover

CBC.CA                  Fiddleheads!

Harrowsmith           Summer - Food & Drink: Splendour in the Grass                                     

Watershed               Spring - Food & Drink Scene: Coup de Grace

Harrowsmith           Spring - Food & Drink: Breaking New Ground

LCBO Food & Drink   Brandied Fig, Cranberry & Raisin Challah Bread Pudding

LCBO Food & Drink   Mediterranean Meatloaf Focaccia

LCBO Food & Drink   Extra Cheesy French Onion Soup

LCBO Food & Drink   Decadent Oyster Loaf


Harrowsmith             Winter - Food & Drink: Fireside Feast

Marquee Magazine     The Don of Fine Dining

Watershed                 Winter - Cooking with Wild Abandon

LCBO Food & Drink   Holiday - New Year's Eve on a Budget

LCBO Food & Drink   Fall - Taking Root and Waste Not, Want Not

Junior Great Books    Nonfiction Inquiry 2 - included in anthology 

Watershed                 Fall - The Comeback Kid

Edible Toronto           Summer - A Tale of Three Fish

Harrowsmith             2020 Almanac - Air Force; Heritage Poultry

Marquee Magazine     Barchef

LCBO Food & Drink   Pull it Together! 

Today's Parent           Dig In! 

Harrowsmith              Schooled on Fish

Harrowsmith              Summer: Gone Fishin'!

Report on Business     A Yen for Japanese Cuisine

LCBO Food & Drink   Spring - A Splash of Lager

Marquee Magazine     The Driving Force - Patrick Kriss of Alo

Hobby Farms             March/April: Into the Weeds 

York University         Feed Me - Farmers' Markets and Other Sustainable Food Practices are Sprouting up all over York

Harrowsmith             The Skyr's the Limit

Harrowsmith             Mmm...March 5th is Pancake Day!

Harrowsmith             Eat to Your Heart's Content 

Harrowsmith             Move Over Valentine's Day

Harrowsmith             History Bites - Eating as my Scottish Ancestors did


LCBO Food & Drink   Holiday - Small Plates, Big Night

​Gastronomia              Cucina: Risotto

Harrowsmith              Chef's Dish on their Holiday Must Have Recipe

​Harrowsmith              Home Bru - Mustard, Beer, and a Book Made in Canada

​Harrowsmith              Editor: Dispatches from a Japanese Garden

Harrowsmith              Editor: Fruit of the Land: Farming Under Vine

Harrowsmith              Winter - Oh, There's no way like Hygge for the Holidays 

Harrowsmith              Five Fabulous Foodie Finds

Harrowsmith              More Pumpkin Please!

Toronto Life               Contributor: The City's 100 Best Restaurants

Globe Content Studio  Chef's Secret? Low and Slow

LCBO Food & Drink    Summer: Savouring Watermelon 

LCBO Food & Drink    Early Summer: Dinner in the Garden

LCBO Food & Drink    25th Anniversary Edition - Maple Roasted Figs

LCBO Food & Drink    BBQ Leftovers Makeover

Harrowsmith               Sunchokes 101

Harrowsmith               Film Review - Deep Impact: The Superfood Chain

Harrowsmith               Film Review: Modified

Today's Parent            Bite-Proof Your Kid

Trellis Magazine          Souped up Pumpkins

Marquee Magazine       A Place in the Sun and Build it and They Will Come

Manna Pro                  Peak Eating; Late summer is a time of unparalleled garden bounty.   

Manna Pro                  Spring Fling - White Chocolate Strawberry Trifle 

Three Dogs in a Garden       Guest Blogger - At Your Service

Globe Content Studio          A Master Class in the Art of Sous Vide

Manna Pro                  Search Party: Foraging on the Homestead

Harrowsmith               Recipes for Mother's Day - Chocolate Raspberry Chiffon Cake

Harrowsmith               Recipes for Mother's Day - Rose Raspberry Gin Cocktail

LCBO Food & Drink    Spring: Hard Matches

Three Dogs in a Garden       Always Take Time to Stop and Smell the Roses...Then Eat Them

Three Dogs in a Garden       Hen Therapy 

Manna Pro                  Eggstreme Make Over

Manna Pro                  Coeur a la Creme Valentine's Dessert

Manna Pro                  Dye Easter Eggs Naturally!

LCBO Food & Drink    Spring: Modern Classics 

Today's Parent            30 Things Kids Should Know how to do by 12

Toronto Life                Monthly restaurant reviews


Manna Pro                    Eating Light on Christmas Morning

Harrowsmith                 Winter - Eggnog with a Twist

The Harvest Commission     'Tis the Season for Chestnuts

Harrowsmith                 How does Your Cookie Crumble?

MarQuee Magazine        Fire in the Belly

Toronto Life                 Eating & Drinking Guide 2018 Edition - various shop and restaurant listings

LCBO Food & Drink      Holiday - Panettone with Panache  

LCBO Food & Drink      Ontario Nuts and Wine - Cover Story

Today's Parent              Lemon-Aid: A Little Girl's Stand for Endangered Animals

Hobby Farms Chickens         A Raw Deal; Separate the Truth from Fiction about Consuming Raw Eggs

Taps Magazine               These Boots are Made for Brewin'

York Life                      Living Well, Recipes

LCBO Food & Drink      Canadian Hostess Gifts: Ketchup Chip Cheese Tuiles

Three Dogs in a Garden        3 Guest Posts with Recipes 

Paste Magazine             6 Books for Aspiring Farmers

Paste Magazine             Toronto's Best Spots for Mother's Day Brunch

National Post                Homes: The Farmhouse of Their Dreams

National Post                Homes: Home Cookin'  

National Post                Luxury Living: NewWall House: Like Tinder for Wallpaper

Three Dogs in a Garden        A Garden to Dye For!

Spoonful Magazine        DIY Garden of Edible Earthly Delights

Spoonful Magazine        How To: Raise Backyard Hens  

LCBO Food & Drink      Spring: A Splash of Rye

Paste Magazine             Beat the Meat: Toronto's Best Veggie Burgers 

Paste Magazine             Feeding the Masses: Drinking Chufa Supplies Prebiotics for Your Probiotics

Paste Magazine             Buttercream in Bloom: Korean Buttercream Cupcakes

LCBO Food & Drink      Winter - Flavours: Amaretto

Toronto Life                 Various Restaurant Reviews 

Toronto Life                 Best Restaurants supplement 

Toronto Life                 Eating & Drinking Guide - Shop Reviews

Manna Pro                    Fourth of July - Perfect Picnicking with Eggs

Manna Pro                    Two Recipes for Mother's Day

Manna Pro                    Honor. Bake. Celebrate!


Toronto Life                  Eating & Drinking Guide: Contributor

LCBO Food & Drink       Holiday: A Splash of Cointreau

LCBO Food & Drink       Fall: Pestos
Food Network Canada     Lava Mocktail 
Food Network Canada     Pizza Cones - Breakfast and Dinner
Food Network Canada     Pizza Cones - Sweet
Toronto Life                  Monthly Restaurant Reviews
The Globe and Mail        Food & Wine - Trends - IKEA Veggie Meatballs
The Globe and Mail        Gardening - Rain Gardens
LCBO Food & Drink       Spring: A Splash of Moscato
LCBO Food & Drink       Summer: Midnight Snacks

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