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Pumpkins, Harrowsmith, and Other Fun Stuff

I’ve been busy; so much going on…mostly good, some of it fan-freakin’-tastic, and well, there’s been some sadness too.

First, let’s just get the sad stuff out of the way, so we can move on to happier things. My beloved old Blanche died.

Here's Blanche making her small screen debut! She was a lovely, snuggly, goofy old girl, blind in one eye and totally trusting, and I'll miss her.

She was old and had been sick for some time. For the last few weeks before her death, I was hand-feeding her and administering remedies and meds, but to no avail. In the end, it was time for her to go, and the lovely Dr. Wendy at the Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic helped her leave this world in the gentlest fashion possible.

She’s buried in the chicken yard, and in the spring I shall plant something lovely on top – something that blooms in white – just like Blanche.

Now, the good stuff: I’m the new food editor at Harrowsmith Magazine! My first issue is hitting the stands on November 19th, so grab a copy or two or three or better yet, why not subscribe?

Here's the cover of my first issue! I'm pretty chuffed.

I’m also posting a monthly blog on the website and editing a blog all about gardening in Japan by an old high school buddy of mine. It’s fascinating stuff! Visit the Harrowsmith website often to see all the fresh posts.

Last month I taught a class at The Toronto Botanical Gardens all about cooking with pumpkin and squash. I made a few tasty dishes and I promised to post the recipes. So, I wrote a blog - More Pumpkin, Please! - on the Harrowsmith site; check it out for the recipes.

Thai Red Curry Pumpkin Soup; yum! [[Photo: Tristan Peirce]]

So Folks, please come and hang out on the Harrowsmith site, check out the magazine - nothing like print; actual paper and ink! - and try some of my recipes at home!

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