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  • Signe Langford

Extremely Tasty Granola

Originally posted on 2/23/2013

See this lovely picture by Photographer and Art Director, Colleen Nicholson? It shows just how incredibly simple and full of the good stuff this granola is.

Located in Parry Sound, Ontario, The Georgian Bay Granola Company is a little Canadian company and all they do is make small batches of this yummy stuff: Sugar Bush Maple (my fave!) and Honey Bee Crunch and other flavours, but these two are my top picks; both are delicious and not too sweet, oh, and all organic, too.

It's not in every shop, but it's worth hunting for. Look for it at Fresh & Wild, The Cheese Boutique, Fiesta Farms, The Big Carrot and others, try it and never eat another granola again.

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