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  • Signe Langford

Going Barefoot for Bears

Originally posted on 8/29/2013

All across Asia, about 20,000 bears, mostly moon bears, are living a nightmare that is almost impossible to imagine.

Captured as cubs - their mother's are killed to get to them - they are put into 'crush cages' where they will live out their lives with a permanent shunt or drain connected to their bile ducts.

They can survive up to 20 years like this. Never leaving this one, tiny cage - not much bigger than they are - constantly wounded, in pain and going mad.

The hot spots: China, Vietnam, Korea, Laos, and Burma (Myanmar).

Why, you might reasonably ask, does this happen? The bear bile is sold as a remedy for everything from hangovers to cancer. It's illegal in some of these countries, but enforcement is almost nil.

WSPA is working to set up a Bear Bile Hot Line, that folks with a heart can call to report bear bile operations. And in Vietnam, 110,000 forward-thinking folks have signed a pledge to never use bear bile. That's a good start.

Um, about that cupcake; it's vegan - 'natch! - from Prairie Girl Bakery and it was used as bait, along with a visit to a spa. Clever devils! They know ain't nothin' we freelancers like more than snacks and pampering!.....and saving bears too!


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