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Never Apologize for Full Fat Cream!

Originally posted on 6/30/2013

​I can remember the moment I fell in love with Nigella Lawson. Sure, I liked her already; enough to make a point of tuning into her show. But it was during one particular segment - it must have been about putting dinner on the table in a hurry - and she busted out a tin of chick peas and a bottle of instant chicken stock concentrate. Oh, you sexy thing, you! You vixen! You bucker of trendy DIY extremism, you! "Never apologize for tins and instant stock." she said, big brown eyes staring full on into the camera, just daring some crusty old biddy to say something...just one word... Sigh. Oh Nigella, you were my hero. You were, until this sordid episode with that jerk you're married to. But that's another blog for another day....

All this to say; never apologize for full fat, real, cream. Never apologize for fat. Period. And never apologize for your love of flavour and the silky mouth feel that only fat can give. And before all the health nuts get all on my case; I'm not saying eat it 24/7, but I do believe there is a time and a place. For me, yesterday afternoon was the time and the place was my garden.

The folks at sent me the fixin's for my grilled peach cake: free range, organic eggs, butter, milk and cream.

I love grilling fruit: peaches (here), pineapple and shrimp kebabs! Apple and chicken! Fresh is best but canned will do - just - in a pinch. Too soft.

I'm not supplying a recipe because you just need to make your favourite white or vanilla cake, then top with whipped cream and fruit! I added a few sliced almonds too. And don't get too fussy about it. I mean, I like order, but there are a few things that ought to be a tad messy: life, sex, and dessert! The last two go exceptionally well together...right, Nigella?

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