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  • Signe Langford

A Tale of Two Trees

Originally posted on 6/29/2012

I bet many of you living in Canada have one of these trees in your yard or on your street. And I bet many of you don't know what it is. You might notice the proliferation of berries in late June, you might lament the purple poo on your car or you might be curious. I hope it's the latter. This is a Serviceberry Tree. The fruit is edible and delicious.

My Serviceberry grows on a very lumpy, uneven bit of ground - not safe for ladders. So I pick and eat the low-hanging fruit. The birds and (insert profanities here!) squirrels get the rest. The darker they are, the riper, sweeter and softer they are. To me they taste like very mild cherries and when you crunch down on the seeds, your mouth fills with the taste of marzipan!

This is a can of Nudo Lemon Olive Oil. I have never been a fan of the lemon infused olive oils I've tried in the past, but this one is a game changer. Why? It's how they bring the two elements together, that's why! The makers crush the olives and the lemons together and the result is a sweeter lemon taste, softer and more authentic. The others I've tried reminded me more of citronella. This one is all sweet, fresh, lemon. It's beautiful. And as soon as I tasted it, my imagination started going a mile a minute. Today I thought I'd make Serviceberry Pancakes with Nudo Lemon Olive Oil. O.M.G. Seriously. O.M.G!

I simply took my fave pancake recipe, replaced the melted butter called for with Nudo lemon oil and folded in the berries. You can start with your fave blueberry pancake recipe or mix. First you will have to run out and buy a wee can of Nudo.

OK, do these not look delish? Next up....I'm thinking Lemon Olive Oil Polenta Cake.

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